Saturday, January 16, 2010

A day to remember in my life

This incident really changed my life,
2 months ago I went to Atbara', to visit my friends with my other friends along, we went on a tourist bus, while we were chatting in excitement. The driver was really speeding, we never realized it because we were busy talking and having fun, an hour later on our trip, while the driver switching lanes really fast, he tried to overtake a car, but he didn't pay attention to the distance between the car and him, and it was a one-way road, a car from the other side came up speeding up and we crashed into the car, and everyone who didn't have a belt seat on flew to the front of the bus, and the bus flipped 360 degrees more than once, and some people started screaming and others were blacked out and in a comma, 1 hour later the police and ambulance came and they started rescuing the injured and hurt people.
Then after I woke up at the hospital, my friends came to check on me, and gave me some flower bouquets and a box of chocolates, at night the doctor decided to set me free, and I stayed at my friends house for a few nights, until I was healthy again, and came back to my family and told them all about the incident. I didn't tell them about it when I was away because I knew my mom would be really worried about me, and she wont be able to sleep a few nights, until she makes sure that I'm completely fine.

Bank of the Nile 1960

We're looking at the area of the bank of the Nile, during it's early 1960's.

Yes, the sun is shining but it's covered behind the trees, it's seems like a really sunny day, the sun rises generally in Omdurman, especially during summer time, where it's very hot. It's really hot in summer and a bit cold during winter. Yes, the men started to cut a piece of tree using the saw. Nope they haven't finished cutting it yet, the water filler is taking the tins to his home, to supply water for his home.

How has he come to buy some stuff to resell them, as he's working as a merchant, he came by a car, his driver opened the car door for him, not yet, he seems to be chatting with some other merchant.

The plane didn't land yet, The ferry has not reached yet, It's going to the other side of the Nile, the first boat haven't arrived yet.

Yes, I have went to the bank of the Nile before, It was a really great trip, we had so much fun we slept over there for 2 days, Yes it's very good, I recommend you to visit it some. I think the bank of the Nile is looking better now, because all of the modern buildings and surroundings look really great.

My Mobile / N96

My mobile model is Nokia N96, I've bought it months ago, and I still have it with me, I really love it, I use MTN chip, because its way cheaper and has many features and offers than the Zain or Sudani network chips.
I use it mainly for knowing the latest news about any online deals about cars, since my dad owns a car renting shop. I dial and receive about 5-10 calls a day, I charge about 150sdg at least per a month and that covers all my monthly calls and texts, and I also call my other relatives in AlHalfaya, there are many side effects for using the mobile for long time such as, headaches and heartaches, thats why i advice to not use it for long,
teenagers these days use it the wrong way, instead of listening to Quran or anasheed or poems they fill it with songs and videos.
I hope some students make some use of this great technology instead of using it the wrong way.

Famous/Important person

I'd like to talk about my famous person personally which is my Father(Najeeb Mubarak), he's a really great person, grew and lived almost his whole life in AlHalfaya. but during 2001 we moved to Khartoum Amarat street15, he's been working hard to achieve what he dreamed of, and to make a better living for our family and people around us.
He's 58 years old but he's still healthy as a young person, Im really grateful for having him in every moment of my life, and he plays a very important role in it, he never says no or support wrong actions, and never shouted or beat me up, because he believes thats the wrong way to punish people, because teenagers these days dont learn from their mistakes, he has so many good reasonable facts and features to support his actions, he's very kind and generous to everyone around him, I hope I can have him for eternity

How I use the internet

I use the Internet since 2005. I used it in searching for programs and talking with my friends. I use it to listen to music and downloading movies. This is the first time, use the Internet in the English language and found it the most enjoyable ways to learn the English. And thanks for the great Teacher Hala Fawzi

About me

I am Mohmad Najeep, I study in Unverstity of Computer Science, I live in Sudan Country i have inmay small family is 5 members may favorit hobby is sports ,I like to stay athome,watching tv on weekends, I use internet for serching ,read magazeen...etc